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2 months ago
VoyagerCraft Server Announcement

Welcome to the VoyagerCraft website! This is a message announcing the next iteration of OasisCraft, after several weeks of being closed. The opening date is not completely confirmed, but it will hopefully be around the 16th of November. Here are some things you can look forward to in the new server:

  • An established website!
  • Renewed branding - the new name and some logos and other graphics (coming soon)
  • An incredible new spawn made by our build team
  • Redesigned ranking and donations system - new rank titles, permissions and more
  • A voting system - you will be able to get crate keys from voting, and people who vote a certain number of times will recieve the "Member" rank, with more homes and chat cosmetics. Top voters may also get free ranks in the future
  • A revamped Discord server - new roles, new channels and more
  • The Discord bot will have some newer features, more on that coming soon
  • A dedicated staff team! We will be welcoming some moderators to the team

There will also be some other gameplay changes:

  • A completely recoded enchanting plugin, now with more balancing and reward previews
  • More economy balancing - I'm sorry but iron golems and sheep are a little bit OP
  • Loot crates! You will be able to get these from voting and possibly other mechanics in the future
  • Some minor changes - wandering traders will no longer spawn; armour stands will spawn with arms
  • There will be a few more gameplay changes, so stay tuned!

I recently also decided to create a new gamemode on the server - Bending. I had some volunteer testers help me out and the response was pretty positive, so the gamemode (which is based off Avatar, the Legend of Korra) will hopefully be released sometime in the future.

There is a new moderation system in light of the new staff team creation, and you can view all the moderation history at

Don't forget to create an account on this website as well! You'll be able to make suggestions about new features, complain about existing ones, apply for staff positions, report bugs, report rule-breakers and appeal bans (should you need to 😜)


Thanks for playing!

- InfinityMage

2 months ago
Punishment Appeal Guide

If you have been banned, ipbanned or muted and you find the punishment to be unfair, copy the format below and create a new topic in this forum. Title the post with the format "Username Ban/Mute Appeal".


Minecraft username:

Duration of punishment:

Date of punishment:

Staff member who punished you:

Reason for punishment:

Why the punishment should be removed:

2 months ago
Helper Application Information

Welcome to the helper application section! To apply for helper, press the "New Topic" button in this forum and create a post with the title being "Username Helper Application". Reminder, you must be at least 13 years old to apply for moderator.

Do not ask staff to check your application, as it will be checked in due time.

In your application, copy the format below and edit it appropriately in your post:



To apply to become a helper follow these steps carefully:
- Name your topic using the format "Username Helper Application"
- Fill out the questions below following the format
- Make sure your answers are 100% truthful
- Respond to questions (that require it) in detail, as this will assist in getting your application accepted
Minecraft Username:
Discord Username + Tag:

Time you can dedicate to the server:
How long you have played on the server:
Your infraction history (if applicable):

Do you have any background staffing experience? This can include other mediums such as Discord servers.

Why do you want to become a staff member?

Why should your application be accepted over someone else's?