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TheMushrooMan Mod Application

TheMushrooMan's Mod Application


Minecraft Username: TheMushrooMan_
Discord Username + Tag: TheMushrooMan#2552

Age: 16
Time you can dedicate to the server: all day during holidays, all day during weekends. 
How long you have played on the server: from season 1 - season 3, probably 30~40 hours
Your infraction history (if applicable): N/A

Do you have any background moderation experience? This can include other mediums such as Discord servers.
(Current) Admin in "Random Crit!" discord server (1750 Members)

(Current) Admin in Random Crit!'s MC server

(Former) Moderator on "Airborne Delta TF2 Jailbreak" (averaged 20-30 players a day) (server now dead)

(Former) Moderator on the Airborne Delta Forums and Discord server (also dead) 

and Various other Mod/Admin positions on smaller discord servers (all about 50~ users)

Why do you want to become a moderator?
Because I feel like being a moderator, especially on the only MC server I really play anymore will something good to occupy me over the coming holidays, as well as the fact that more staff are going to be nescassary if the server is going public and I feel like I would fit the role well.

Why should your application be accepted over someone else's?

Because I have a lot of experience dealing with idiots rule-breakers on servers such as discord and in games. as well as the fact that, despite my sense of humour, I am mature enough to deal with said rule-breakers impartially. as an add on, I am extremely unlikely to abuse the position if I am given it.